10 Reasons to travel to Buzău Land

The answer is simple. Here you can find many rare, natural attractions like mud volcanoes, eternal flames, salt domes, stones and Sphinxes with bizarre shapes, a type of amber that is unique in the world, and much more. Here you can enjoy natural and cultural values that we protect and use to build a new sustainable travel destination. Buzău Land isn’t just a place, it’s an experience!

Not decided yet? Check out 10 reasons why you can't miss a trip to Buzău Land.

  • Witness the eruptions of mud volcanoes

  • Find evidence of prehistoric volcanoes

  • Explore the salt domes that host one of the largest and deepest salt caves in the world

  • Discover traces of prehistoric life

  • Try your luck finding a piece of orange amber, or maybe even a piece of rumanite: the red amber, unique in the world

  • Explore the mysteries of ancient history: the rock-hewn dwellings of Buzău Land

  • Journey to the eternal flames

  • Experience country life and ancestral customs

  • Spend time in the middle of nature, in some of the wildest mountains in Europe

  • Hike to the Sandstone Concretions, the stones with strange shapes

And we can go on...