How to get here

We’re happy to welcome you in Buzău Land! Now let’s find the best and fastest way to get you here. Are you traveling by car, train or bike? Or maybe you’re travelling from far, far away, and have to take a plane to get here? Check out our suggestions and tools. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • Plane

    If you’re traveling by plane, you should arrive at the Henri Coandă Airport (aka Otopeni Airport), in Bucharest. Buzău Land is just 130 km away. Can you smell the sizzling Pleșcoi sausages?

    If you want to continue by car, you can reach Buzău Land in less than 2 hours. If you’re interested in renting a car from the airport, check out the links below. We suggest you choose a vehicle with high ground clearance. If you want to explore the area or if you are travelling on a rainy day, an SUV is the best choice. You can find more details in the travel by car section.

    Thinking of taking the train to Buzău Land? In this case you want to go to ‘Gara de Nord’ (Bucharest North Train Station). To get there, you can take the direct train that links the Airport to the North Train Station (25 minutes trip) or you can take a cab. The alternative is bus no. 783 from the Airport to Piața Victoriei (Victory Square), and then take the subway to the train station. To get to Buzău Land from ‘Gara de Nord’, check out the section dedicated to train travel.

  • Private Car

    Whether you are traveling from Bucharest, Buzău or Brașov, all the roads lead to DN10. This is the state road that will take you to Buzău Land. DN10 edges the southern and western limits of the territory.

    Planning to visit the mud volcanoes, the salt domes or the eternal flames? In this case, you should access the road going through the village of Sătuc, towards Berca, Scorțoasa, Golul Grabicina and the Salt River Valley (Valea Slănicului).

    Interested in seeing the sandstone concretions, the rock-hewn dwellings or the glacial landscape? The fastest way to reach them is to travel to the village of Pârscov, and continue through the Fair Maiden’s Valley (Valea Bălănesei). Just follow our road signs.

    Or maybe you would like to find out more about amber and explore the mysteries of ancient history? DN10 will take you to the town of Pătârlagele. From here you can follow the road signs to Colți via the Sibiciului Valley.

    No matter which access road you take, Buzău Land awaits you. Don’t forget to choose a vehicle with high ground clearance if you are using car rental services. Also, download the Traveler’s Map before starting your trip. It will come in handy on the road.

    Download the Traveler's Map

    You should bear in mind that not all roads are accessible by car. A lot of the villages and interesting attractions are connected by country roads or small cart tracks that are not meant for heavy traffic. Trying to drive on these roads might turn out to be inconvenient for you and for the locals. In some areas, you might need to travel on the main road, and then park your car and start exploring the Geopark by foot or bike.

  • Bike

    We strongly encourage you to explore Buzău Land by bike. You can easily access all the main roads and cart roads. Not to mention that you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the landscape and the fresh air, to take as many pictures as you like, to talk to the locals, or even get chased by the occasional friendly dog. It’s all part of the experience, and trust us when we say, the memories you’ll make are well worth it.

    To make things easier, you can always take the train to the nearest train station, and start biking from there. Or you can also drive to a guest house and explore the best biking trails in the region.

    Download the Traveler's Map

  • Bus

    You can reach Buzău Land by bus from Bucharest, Brașov and Buzău.

    If you are travelling from Bucharest, the bus station to go to is Autogara Filaret (The Filaret Bus Station) where the main transportation company, Transcom 94, runs two to three daily routes. You should take the bus going to Pătârlagele – Nehoiu. It will take you approximately 3.5 hours to get to Buzău Land.

    The departure point in Brașov is Autogara 1 (Central Bus Station No.1), located next to CFR Train Station. Transbus Codreanu and Eprubeta transportation companies run two daily routes to Pătârlagele, which take approximately 3 hours.

    You will need to arrive at the following bus stations, whether you are coming from Bucharest, Brașov or Buzău:

    • Măgura – to Pârscov and Fair Maiden’s Valley (Valea Bălănesei).
    • Pătârlagele and Wolf Valley (Valea Lupului) – to Colți and Sibiciului Valley.

    Check out the links below for prices, bookings and online tickets:

    From the city of Buzău you have several options to get to Buzău Land, with Autogara Nord XXL (Buzău North XXL Bus Station) as your departure point. Take a look at the available options by clicking the links below:

  • Train

    If you want to travel to Buzău Land by train, your first destination is ‘Gara de Nord Buzău’ (Buzău North Train Station) or ‘Gara de Sud Buzău’ (Buzău South Train Station). A lot of trains are heading to Buzău Land from there, namely those with stops in Berca, Pârscov, Pătârlagele and Valea Lupului.

    Planning to visit the mud volcanoes, the salt domes or the eternal flames? You will need to get off at the Berca train station.

    Interested in seeing the sandstone concretions, the rock-hewn dwellings or the glacial landscape? You will need to stop at the train station in Pârscov, and continue by bus, car or bike along the Fair Maiden’s Valley (Valea Bălănesei).

    Do you want to explore the hills where amber used to be extracted and discover the mysteries of ancient history? Then you should stop at the Pătârlagele train station or at the Wolf Valley (Valea Lupului) train halt.

    Regardless of the train station you arrive at, bear in mind that you’ll still have a bit to travel before you reach Buzău Land. In most cases you will have to travel for a few kilometres to get there. Don’t forget to take your bike along, or a good pair of hiking boots. They’ll come in handy.

    You can check train times here: