Maps and Books

  • Discover the most enigmatic sites in Buzău Land! Hidden in forests and on hillsides, the ancient Rock−hewn Dwellings have always been a source of mystery and fascination for visitors and locals alike. In this guide you’ll find all the clues you need to uncover who the architects of these peculiar homes were, as well as details on how to get there, including maps for our hiking trails.
  • Explore the four mud volcano sites of Buzău Land, including Europe’s tallest mud volcano. In our new guide you’ll discover how mud volcanoes work, you’ll find out how to visit them, and what nearby hiking trails you can enjoy. Are you ready for the journey?
  • No matter how tasty the Pleșcoi sausages are, Buzău cuisine is much more than that. Now, thanks to a few enthusiastic locals dedicated to reviving it, we can savour many culinary wonders while sharing a good story or two: traditional, bio and gourmet cuisine. Download our magazine and discover the link between good food and long life.
  • What do you think a stone is? Where did the dinosaurs go? How do you think people evolved? How does water flow underground and how do supervolcanoes erupt? Have you heard of radon, the radioactive gas that enters homes? Here you will find out how to handle the environment, but also how to protect yourself from the unseen risks around you.
  • This guide will help you decipher the cultural treasures that are hidden all around us. Besides castles and ruins, in Buzău Land you discover stories, legends, recipes, traditions and crafts. You find places that have special meanings, and at every step you encounter vernacular details that beautify everyday objects.
  • When you visit the mud volcanoes, be very careful not to wake up the dragon. Also, don’t get to close to the Boilers because they are traps left behind by ogres. If you find amber, someone can read your future in it. But no matter what you do, don’t be fooled by the spirits livings in rocks, because they are genuine tricksters. We invite you to discover Buzău Land through the eyes of those living and visiting here.
  • Are you preparing a trip to Buzău Land? Take the Traveler’s Map with you, and you will discover the most spectacular sights, the most beautiful places and the most interesting museums. The map highlights the main roads and helps you reach Buzău Land no matter where you start from. Are you ready for an adventure?
  • We walk together through Buzău Land to decipher the natural world and the stories of places. These are tales about rocks told to the curious traveler, the ghosts of amber seekers, the secrets of time travel, long-forgotten plants and prehistoric animals, unknown alphabets, mysterious ruins, strange stones, waters of life and waters of death. Are you ready to step into a realm of magic?
  • Here, you discover the story of Earth, nature and people, by keeping on the footsteps of researchers. You see prehistoric oceans and salt domes, learn about insects trapped millions of years ago in tree resin, and about strangely shaped stones. You discover some modern plants and insects, learn how to avoid scorpions and delve into treasures, enchantments and legends. But most importantly, you get to meet the tomcat Vasile and the ox Bujor.