Buzau Land NGO and OMV Petrom join forces to fight COVID-19

OMV Petrom supports the two hospitals in Buzau County that have become the front of the fight against the new virus.

Buzau Land NGO and OMV Petrom join forces to fight COVID-19. During the next months, we will provide resources for the purchase of protective materials and medical equipment. We will redirect them to the two hospitals in Buzău County that have become the front of the fight against the new virus: Râmnicu Sărat Municipal Hospital and Buzău County Emergency Hospital.

Sustainable development and community support are common goals of the Buzău Land NGO and OMV Petrom. This year, activities were planned to support the local craft, develop the tourist infrastructure and reduce the carbon footprint of visitors to the Land. But given the current situation, the two partners have decided to reallocate resources to fight the virus.

Răzvan-Gabriel Popa, Executive Director of the Buzău Land NGO

“The safety of the inhabitants of a territory is, from our point of view, essential to any development process. It is one of the cornerstones that we must constantly build. We hope that the resources we will make available will increase the safety of doctors, but also the comfort and chances of healing of patients. ”

The Buzau Land NGO and OMV Petrom will collaborate with the managers of the two hospitals and with the Buzău County Council, in order to coordinate the necessary flow as efficiently as possible.

Petre Emanoil Neagu, President of the Buzău County Council

”A friend in need is a friend indeed" says a proverb! The Buzău Land NGO proves once again that it is a reliable friend of Buzău County, joining forces with OMV Petrom to donate medical supplies worth 56,000 lei for the Buzău County Emergency Hospital and the Râmnicu Sărat Municipal Hospital. We have all made efforts during this period to ensure the protection of health professionals and I believe that only by acting together, authorities, NGOs, business representatives, the media and citizens, we have managed to have a prompt response to this pandemic. I am convinced that this was an example that only together we can achieve the desired results! On behalf of all the people of Buzau, thank you!”

Claudiu Damian, Manager of Buzău County Emergency Hospital

„The attempt to limit the effects of the pandemic is a continuous, sustained struggle, a struggle that involves the use of many financial resources, material, but especially human, at an unprecedented level. We have been, are and will continue to be tested. But the efforts and support of NGOs and the business community have been a real help. I felt that we are not alone in this fight, that everyone is with us and supports us. We thank OMV Petrom and the Buzău Land NGO for the donation! Supplementing stocks of protective equipment is an invaluable support during this period.”

Adrian Danielescu, Manager of Râmnicu Sărat Municipal Hospital

„The entire staff of Râmnicu Sărat Municipal Hospital, designated COVID - 19 support hospital, thank the sponsor OMV Petrom and the Buzău Land NGO, who, through the donations made, gave us the opportunity to continue to perform a quality medical act, to provide safety to both patients as well as healthcare professionals.”

About Buzău Land NGO
The Buzău Land NGO was established in 2017 by the implementation team of the “Buzău Land Geopark” project. The main purpose of the NGO is the sustainable development of communities, the NGO being active in the field of environmental protection, education, community involvement, local economy development and tourism.

About OMV Petrom
Since 2007, OMV Petrom has integrated the principles of corporate responsibility into its business strategy. During 2007-2019, the company allocated approximately 66 million euros for the development of Romanian communities, focusing on environmental protection, education, health and local development.