The Orchard Guesthouse

The guesthouse, as its name very well suggests, is found in the middle of an apple tree plantation. It’s a quiet place, outside the village, near a forest and quite close to Buzău River. With a little luck, every morning you can surprise the deer coming to have breakfast, grazing the grass between the trees. And Athos & co., in charge with the wellness strategy, take their role very seriously. Every day they make sure you keep fit by practicing stick throwing.

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The guesthouse is located in the middle of an authentic rural landscape, close to one of the gateways to Buzău Land, on Fair Maiden’s Valley. By following the valley to the north, you can easily reach the Sandstone Concretions from Ulmet, but also the village of Nucu and the rock-hewn dwellings in Cozianca Glade. The Museum of Shapes in Bozioru is another point of interest, and the Vasile Voiculescu Memorial House is just a stone's throw away. If you venture further north, you can explore the glacial landscape of Brăești and reach Plaiul Nucului, the highest point in Buzău Land. From there, you can cross to the Salt River Valley, to visit the Eternal Flames, the Salt Domes of Mânzălești, the Seven Fairy-Tale Places Museum and the Time of Man Museum.

You can always explore the Buzău Valley and the history-laden hills of Pârscov. A Dacian fortress has been discovered here, as well as many medieval ruins, including fortifications made by the Teutonic Knights. You shouldn’t miss the Limestone Blocks from Bădila, rocks of impressive size carried by glaciers from over 70 km away.

  • Facilities

    • 5 rooms 10 people
    • En-Suite Bathrooms
    • Television
    • WI-FI
    • Balcony
    • Playground
    • Gym
    • Parking
  • Other Facilities

    • Swimming pool
  • Accessibility

    • Access from national road DN10 to Pârscov, then follow the communal road to Robești village.
  • Sustainability

    • Local products are being served.