Grigorescu Manor

The Grigorescu Manor is a place full of charm and history. The abandoned building was saved by Juranda and Thorsten and has been restored step by step, with the help of local craftsmen and with building materials from the area. Today, the manor is the residence of the family, which means you’ll feel just like home. This is also the headquarters of Terra Carpatica, producer of jams and promoter of slow food in the region of Buzău.

If you wish to spend your holiday here, Juranda and Thorsten will welcome you in one of the houses built on the premises of the manor, in Wallachian, Peasant or Boyar style. The property is a place of retreat for whoever is searching for a culinary adventure, whether it’s simply a slow food dinner, or cooking lessons.

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The Grigorescu Manor is near one of the main gateways to Buzău Land, in Berca. From here, you can easily reach the four mud volcano sites: the Boilers from Berca, the Small and Large Mud Volcanoes and the Boilers from Beciu. You can visit the interactive GeoGate exhibit and, just a stone’s throw away, you can visit the Fortified Monastery of Berca and the Rătești Monastery, both historical monuments. You can drive to the Salt River Valley, where you can enjoy the salt domes, the eternal flames, the Time of Man Museum and the 7 Fairytale Places Museum, or you can always go to other areas of Buzău Land. Not to mention that the surroundings are perfect for hiking and cycling.

  • Facilities

    • 5 rooms 18 people
    • En-Suite Bathrooms
    • Television
    • WI-FI
    • Breakfast included
    • Playground
    • Conference room 25 seats, does not includes projector
    • Parking
  • Other Facilities

    • Air conditioning
    • Dinner for guests
    • Swimming pool
    • Access to garden
    • Pool bar
    • Terrace
  • Accessibility

    • Access from Berca to Rătești village, towards the village church
    • The Berca train station is 10 minutes’ drive away from the manor
  • Sustainability

    • The buildings are restored using local materials.
    • The rooms have furniture and decorations that have been recovered and restored.
    • We serve only local products (slow food), prepared with ingredients from our own farm and garden, and from the surrounding forests.
    • The manor has a selling point for premium local products.
    • The manor has its own recycling system.