Nature break

In a nature break you can rest on the shores of a lake, explore the forests and enjoy the song of birds, meditate in the roar of waterfalls, relax in meadows full of flowers or watch the sunset and admire the Milky Way. You can combine all this with mountain hiking, bouldering, rafting, horseback riding, running or cycling. Do you want to be more relaxed or more active? It's your choice! Here are some possibilities.

  • The Mysterious Forests

    Explore the mysterious forests of Colți, Bozioru and Brăești
  • Mocearu Lake

    Admire the sunrise and sunset on the shores of Lake Mocearu
  • Boiling mud volcanoes (Fierbători in Romanian)

    Enjoy the song of the birds and the boiling of the little mud volcanoes
  • Canions with salt

    Explore the canyons and salt valleys of Mânzălești, Sărulești and Bisoca
  • Natural meadows

    Spend a day on the natural meadows of Colți
  • Cascades

    Follow the atlas of the waterfalls in Buzău Land
  • Horse Riding

    Explore Sărulești and Valea Salciei on horseback
  • Adventure on Buzău

    Adventure on the Buzău River
  • Bouldering

    Do you like to climb? Try bouldering on the glacial rocks of Brătilești
  • Hiking

    Explore one of our hiking trails
  • On the mountain ridges

    Explore the mountain peaks from Plaiul Nucului, the highest place in the Land